Thursday, October 17, 2013

It Works! Wraps

The thing I love most about this little blogisphere are the people I meet through it!

I met Kinsey when we were paired up on a team through the Mama Laughlin Fit Camp Facebook group for a weight loss challenge through the Holidays last year.
And since then we've become quite good Instagram and Blog buddies!

Kinsey (don't you just love that name?!?) became an It Works! distributer about 7 months ago.
She says the wraps have really helped to tone up her tummy area after losing 30 pounds!
And since I've been known to blast some tummy B&As (much to everyone's dismay!)...
Kinsey and I were a match made in Heaven!

She asked me if I'd be willing to try out a series of 4 wraps from It Works!
I was more than eager and willing!!
See, I'm a big skeptic about things.
ANY thing!
I'm the girl that watches infomercials super intently, secretly hoping that they actually do what they say but never having the courage to go through with a purchase cos I don't believe they'll actually work! (#trustissues)

In all honesty, I was super skeptical of It Works!
I mean, Yes, I want to shrink my stomach and love handles.
But just how are you going to help me with that It Works! ?

Kinsey explained to me that she would be sending me a "full treatment" - a total of 4 wraps that I could wear for as short as 45 minutes to as long as 8 hours as long as 72 hours are between each wrap!
She said she wears hers overnight while she sleeps.
Puts it on and then has her hubby wrap it in saran wrap!
(And that's exactly what I did. Super sexy, let me tell you!! I wholeheartedly believe my husband felt like the luckiest guy in the world! Haha)

I got the wraps in the mail with some information about them and I couldn't wait to try the first one!
So, I put one on that very same night I received it!

The wraps are coated on one side in their secret "sauce" (my words, not theirs!)
Think vaseline texture with Vicks vapor rub smell.
I put the wrap on my stomach and smoothed out the little air bubbles to make it as smooth on my stomach as possible.
Then wrapped it tight in Saran Wrap.

Didn't I tell you it was super sexy?!?

After about 30 minutes, I started to feel the burn!
It was that tingling burning feeling.
Not in a "Oh my gosh, this hurts so bad, I'm going to die" kind of way.
More of, "Hmm, this is kind of a funny feeling. Doesn't hurt. Kind of annoying. But it really makes me feel like it's doing something! Shrink that tummy, baby!!"

I woke up at 5am having to pee, so I just took the wrap off then (as it had been about 6 or 7 hours to that point.)
The instructions told me to rub the lotion from the wrap into my stomach once I removed the wrap so it could continue to work it's magic even after the wrap was off!!

After rubbing the rest of the lotion into my stomach, I have to admit, it felt like the skin on my stomach was more firm and not as flabby!

I was pretty clockwork with doing a wrap every 4 days and with the same routine.
(Mama wanted those results!!)

After the 4th wrap was done, I was pretty pleased with my results!
But take a look for yourself!!

It Works!, ladies (and gentleman????)

And now, Kinsey is so generously offering one of my readers the chance to try It Works! wraps!!!
She's giving away a Full Treatment - 4 wraps total!!!!
All you gotta do is fill out the rafflecopter below.
Giveaway is going on now through Monday, October 21st

And after you entered, be sure to check out Kinsey's It Works! distributer page to see all the cool products they have to offer!!

I was not compensated by It Works! I was asked to try this product and write my review.
The thoughts expressed in this post are strictly that of my own.

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